Republicans are moving ahead with legislation that will make good on the party’s campaign pledge to repeal and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Popularly called ObamaCare, getting rid of the law has been a fixture of Republican campaign rhetoric since it was passed 7 years ago. The Republicans who control both the House and Senate plan to substitute the ACA with their own proposal which has been dubbed “TrumpCare.”

There’s been a lot of coverage in the media regarding those who would lose out with TrumpCare. Most of it has revolved around those who became newly eligible for Medicaid under ObamaCare that will now lose their health insurance, or the old and sick who will now pay higher premiums. Yet there have been few stories talking about how the 50% of Americans who receive their health insurance through their employer would be affected by TrumpCare.

A report from today’s Wall Street Journal addresses this very issue. The conservative leaning publication has troubling news for people with employer-based healthcare plans:

Health insurance firms will once again be able to deny paying for people’s medical care once they’ve reached a “lifetime limit.” The ACA had made these “caps” illegal. With the passage of TrumpCare, states will be able to ask for a waiver from the Trump Administration, giving insurance companies the ability to limit how much healthcare they have to pay for. Making the situation worse, insurance companies will be able to choose which states’ minimum standards they are legally bound to follow. This means that a waiver issued in one state could potentially lead to lower benefits across the entire United States.

With the stakes so high, it comes as no surprise that the debate over the legislation has escalated. Earlier today, Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern attacked his Republican colleagues pushing TrumpCare over their refusal to be honest with the American people about the true consequences of enacting TrumpCare. The legislator said Republicans “may get away with it in the short term, you may get a headlinek but I tell you people will figure out soon enough when they are denied health care coverage.” Its looking like we’ll all find out soon enough