The Dunwoody Homeowners Association (DHA) describes itself as an upscale community representing approximately 40,000 homeowners. The DHA invited GOP candidate Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff to a 6th Congressional District debate on May 21.

At the DHA meeting on May 7, President Robert Wittenstein announced to attendees that Handel declined the invitation due to a scheduling conflict.

“I heard [May 7] from the Handel campaign that they are not going to accept our invitation; the reason that they gave was they have a scheduling conflict,” Wittenstein informed about a dozen booing DHA board members.

“But the email exchange just prior to that was … their question of whether or not [the debate] would be open to the public or if it was going to be restricted to Dunwoody residents or members of the DHA,” he said. “When I told them it would be open to the public, the next response was we have a scheduling conflict.”

Wittenstein added, “It is unclear to me if they have a scheduling conflict or whether the fact there was no vetting of who is coming determined they would not participate. But they gave us a hard no.”

DHA has an open door policy for candidates and Ossoff happened to be at the meeting speaking to the group. Ossoff made it known that he was more than willing to debate.

Wittenstein offered the Handel campaign two other debate dates in June. He has not yet heard back.