As we pass the 100 day mark of the Trump administration, the “blame it on Obama” line is wearing thin with some people.

On Sunday evening, President Trump took to Twitter to attack Obama again:

But, Don Zering, leader of the Steelworkers unit at Rexnord, is calling “bullshit.” Zering pointed out, “All he’s doing is blaming it on Obama. Where was Trump at in the last four or so months when we really needed him?”

It’s a tale of two corporations in Indiana, Carrier and Rexnord. While Carrier has made headlines thanks to President Trump the story around Rexnord has been consistently overlooked.

Zering said Trump got half of his tweet right. In October 2016 Obama was president and Rexnard announced they were moving from Indianapolis to Mexico. But, after Trump called out Rexnord about outsourcing on Twitter in December, he disappeared. And so did Rexnord, without a fight.

Chuck Jones, president of the United Steelworkers in Indianapolis, met with Gov. Holcomb – Vice President Pence’s replacement – about Rexnord’s move. Holcomb’s staff told him they would look into it. They ultimately told the Steelworkers that there was nothing they could do to help.

The other Indiana story is Carrier. Under great fanfare, Trump saved Carrier jobs in December. The parent company of Carrier agreed to keep 800 jobs, slated for a Mexico move, in Indiana in exchange for a $7 million state tax credit. Yet, they planned to still outsource 550 jobs. The deal was made under Pence while he was still Indiana governor.

Union leaders see Trump and his administration as nothing more than broken promises. Voorhies wants to know if Carrier products will experience the import tax.

“I don’t see anything that he can possibly do at this point,” Voorhies said, “other than pound on his chest.”

“Under his administration, Trump said, no more plants, were going to Mexico,” a United Steelworkers representative, Mike Millsap said, “But, people are losing their jobs as we speak, Rexnord’s going under his watch. Carrier too.”

TV highlights what you want people to see. Talk on Twitter is cheap. Action is what gets you votes. Golfing almost every weekend is not work.