Vice President Mike Pence is raising eyebrows with an unorthodox move by a sitting US VP. Paperwork was filed Wednesday on Pence’s behalf with the Federal Election Commission to start a Political Action Committee, also known as a PAC:

Officially, the Great America Committee, as the PAC is called, will fund Republican candidates in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. The move will substantially enhance the political prominence of the Vice President, who thus far has typically deferred to a President hungry for the limelight:

During a week that has been amongst the toughest yet for the Trump administration, the GOP on Capitol Hill has found itself whipsawed again and again. With the Republican’s agenda on the sidelines, the legislative majorities are constantly dealing with a minefield of distractions from the President. It’s no surprise that political insiders are speculating if Trump is about to get dumped by members of his own party:

As of right now, it’s difficult to guess where the situation goes from here, especially when dealing with a political force as chaotic as Trump. Some political operatives, however, are confident that a Trump impeachment is now simply a matter of time.

Just across the border from Pence’s home state of Indiana, the Executive Director of the Cook County Democratic Party in Chicago had this to say about the whole situation: