New York-based media company BuzzFeed, together with journalist Jason Leopold filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday requesting records dealing with President Trump’s use of Twitter. The suit centers on gathering information from a number of federal agencies, since the President is not subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. By filing this legal action, BuzzFeed and Mr. Leopold hope that it will turn up correspondence between the Oval Office and these government entities:

BuzzFeed spokesman Matt Mittenthal gave the following justification for the company’s request. “As the Department of Justice itself has acknowledged, there are ‘hundreds’ of official communications related to the President’s tweets, including the claim that President Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower.”

Jason Leopold has been dubbed a “FOIA-Terrorist,” and has the distinction of having filed more requests by himself under the Freedom of Information Act than every other US news organization except for the New York Times. The last time the journalist made headlines for suing the government was when Leopold successfully forced the release of over 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. The Wall Street Journal and WikiLeaks both set up search engines in her released emails, a development which would dog Clinton’s campaign until her loss in November.

This case shouldn’t be confused with another lawsuit that was filed last month by the group American Oversight. Formed as a watchdog group to monitor the actions of President Trump, that lawsuit has a narrower focus, centering on the allegations Trump made against Barack Obama.

Buzzfeed has already done informative reporting on the comprehensive system of surveillance which Trump has created in his companies.