Prominent anti-refugee activist goes on Nazi-esque rant against muslims (listen)

In an interview Friday with American Family Radio’s Sandy Rios, Ann Corcoran, an activist leading the anti-refugee group Refugee Resettlement Watch, told conservative female listeners they’d “better have babies” in order to prevent Muslim Americans from “shov[ing] Sharia law down our throats.”

On her show, Rios claimed “many” Muslim refugees “are coming here for a purpose, and that is the purpose to overpopulate and dominate and really take over countries wherever they go eventually.” This fallacious statement was, of course, nothing short of ironic considering the prevalence of western, Christian imperialism throughout history and arguably even today.

Rios additionally cited a report that Muslim communities are growing more quickly than any other religious group, largely because “Muslims have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups.”

“We have to keep the long view on this, and the long view doesn’t look very good,” Rios concluded.

Corcoran concluded that the growth of Muslim communities “doesn’t look very good,” suggesting that this growth contributed to Europe “going down the tubes.”

“It doesn’t even require a majority-Muslim population, it only requires a percentage of somewhere around 10 percent to start pushing for all sorts of Sharia compliance by the general public,” she said. “They’re just going to be able to shove Sharia law down our throats as time goes on just because people are too fearful to speak up.”

Corcoran suggested that the United States could be next — that is, unless conservative American women get to work and fulfill what Corcoran seems to believe their purpose is: having babies. “I always tell conservative young women, you’d better have babies.”

“Yeah, right, and lots of them,” Rios agreed. “Lots of them.”

Corcoran’s sentiment that young Christian women should have more children to combat the growth of Muslim communities rang eerily similar to Nazi Germany’s Lebensborn project to raise the birth rate of Aryan children to combat growing Jewish communities.

At any rate, the main message Concoran and Rios seemed bent on sending was the Islamophobic, unfounded idea that Muslim communities are dangerous and seek to impose their religion on others, and the ultimate role of women is procreation.

Here’s the full clip: