According to The Washington Post, William Bradford was appointed by President Trump to oversee the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy. His job is to assist Native Americans and Alaskan Native tribes and villages in getting electricity and reducing their energy costs. Based on his now deleted Twitter account, it appears that alternative energy sources may not be on his list of energy options.

Screenshot via The Washington Post

Bradford’s deleted Twitter account also contained various racist, sexist, conspiracy theory and violent tweets.

He called Mark Zuckerberg a “little arrogant self-hating Jew” after Zuckerberg encouraged voters in Iowa to reject Trump during the Iowa primary.

On the anniversary of the opening of Japanese American internment camps, he called the camps “necessary.”

Bradford also suggested that he bought into the “birther” and “secret muslim” conspiracy theories about President Obama.

And then there are the violent tweets where he backs up his conspiracy theories and distaste for people and groups of people with threats.

“As a minority and member of the Jewish faith, I sincerely apologize for my disrespectful and offensive comments,” he wrote. “These comments are inexcusable and I do not stand by them. Now, as a public servant, I hold myself to a higher standard, and I will work every day to better the lives of all Americans.”

In 2015, he resigned as an assistant law professor at West Point after he wrote a 95-page law journal article that argued “the United States should threaten to destroy Muslim holy sites in war ‘even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and civilian collateral damage.'”

Bradford also said that “legal scholars ‘sympathetic to Islamist aims'” should be “imprisoned or ‘attacked.’ He dubbed such academics ‘critical law of armed conflict academy,’ or CLOACA, which is also a term for the orifice out of which some animals defecate.” He felt that journalists who spoke to these scholars should also be targeted.

In 2005, Bradford resigned from Indiana Univerty’s law school. Inside Higher Ed reported that the resignation was tied to Bradford exaggerating his military service. Bradford denied the accusation.