GOP official in Nevada tweets article calling for McCain’s death

The National Republican committeewoman of Nevada, Dianna Orrock, is in hot water tweeting an article calling for the death of Senator John McCain on Monday.  McCain had just had surgery to remove a blood clot in his right eye.

  The story got worse when it was announced that during the removal of the blood clot, doctors had found brain cancer. Politicians across the nation tweeted that they stand with McCain in this difficult time.

The article tweeted by Orrock is clear in that it literally calls for the death of McCain.  The article reads, “If you’re waiting for the part where I say I’m just kidding and would never wish death on anybody, please allow me to make myself clear: I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain’s heart stops beating, and that he is subsequently declared dead by qualified medical professionals very soon.”  Despite the article being incredibly clear, Orrock claimed that she agreed with “sentiments” of it, and did not wish death upon the Senator.  The now deleted tweet, can be seen below.