On Saturday August 12, a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned violent and left three people dead. Donald Trump’s response to the tragedy was tone deaf. As the week wore on, Trump added fuel to the racial tensions that were underway.

It appears that Trump wasn’t the only one fanning the flames. The Northwest Side GOP Club in Chicago added their own fuel to the fire.

The group was formed prior to the 2016 election and claims to focus on inspiring “both thought and action to set things right in Chicago — politically, fiscally, socially, and culturally.

For their August meeting they invited Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison (R) to speak about the newly instated Cook County sugary beverage tax. Following the presentation, the members were to break into groups to choose precincts for their upcoming petition drive. So why would the Chicago Northwest Side GOP Club add the graphic of Darth Vader (a genocidal figure who symbolizes evil) leading a masked and armed army to their Facebook event post?

Making matters worse, on August 15, a person commented on the Club’s poor taste in photos by noting,”Interesting choice of photo for this event”. There was no reply and the picture stayed.

Following the November 2016 election, the founder of the group – Matt Podgorski, the Republican committeeman for the 39th Ward – told dnainfo, “Chicago has historically always been a really Democratic city, but we’re starting to see more of an opportunity to level the playing field.” He continued, “Obviously Democrats still have the advantage, but we’ve been making some huge strides. And if we organize, we can really get our brand out there.”

In a city that voted 84% for Hillary Clinton, it’s obvious who the Northwest Side GOP Club is targeting for brand loyalty. Sad!